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Meet Your Steam Sauna Guide
& Wellness Experience Designer

Bonjour, hello, my name is Josée

Would you like to optimize your thermal cycle of hot and cold exposure and sauna experience? I’m excited to support your wellness journey and to help you with your goals!
As the Founder of Steam Space, I offer services as a Sauna Guide, Wellness Designer, Consultant, Organizer, Facilitator, Host, and Bodyworker. I’m also the Founder and Director of Circulate, a non-profit dedicated to creating accessible and affordable pathways to thermal cycling for anyone interested in experiencing the health benefits in a community group setting.
I work with individuals, communities, organizations, and companies in settings such as saunas, thermal spas, health and wellness spaces, retreats, festivals, and institutions.

How I can help

Facilitation and hosting are experiential, sensory-based, and grounded in embodied approaches to deepen and raise experiences.

Facilitation services offer learning opportunities on the thermal cycle and intentional connection, which could include rituals, workshops, mindfulness/awareness meditation, contemplation, movement, and activities.

Hosting offers a supportive role that ensures the details are taken care of. Services can include light support and guidance with the thermal cycle, ensuring materials are replenished, monitoring for safety and comfort, and an available presence for your event or session.

With over a decade of designing, planning, and coordinating experiences and events, I offer a thoughtful, grounded, and innovative approach that ensures a memorable and meaningful experience. If you’re looking to improve on or design new pathways for a smoother and more efficient flow, let’s talk! If you want to create quality, memorable experiences, let’s connect! Get in touch, and let’s explore how we can align with your goals.

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My Background

I’m based in Mi’kma’ki (Nova Scotia), and I’ve travelled the world to experience and understand sweat bathing practices, traditional thermal spas, and public bathhouses